Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back at CalArts

So I'm back at CalArts after a pretty wild Christmas break, which has rendered me temporarily pooped.

Things I did in 3 weeks: 
21 Dec 2010: Flew to Sydney
23 Dec: Flew to Canberra
25 Dec: Drove to Bungendore NSW and spent Christmas with the family at 'Scribbly Gums'
27 Dec: Drove to Sydney where I hung out with Sash and finished my film 'Forget Me Not' for Tropfest 2011
31 Dec: Quiet night in for NYE watching Coraline and Burn After Reading
3 Jan 2011: Flew to Singapore
4 Jan: Flew to Hanoi
5 Jan: Caught a bus to a tiny rural Vietnamese village 3 hours out of Hanoi
6 Jan: Bus, row boat, and 1 hour walk to the summit of famed Buddhist mountain-cave temple at Chua Hueng
7 Jan: Flew to Hoi An
9 Jan: Flew to HCMC/Saigon
10 Jan: Bus and boat trip to the Mekong Delta where I visited a traditional rural marketplace... for a different blog post.
11 Jan: Flew to Singapore
12 Jan: Flew to LA with a stopover in Tokyo.

POOPED! And the semester hasn't even begun!!! Not to worry, my NY resolution (for the next 6 months) is to trial Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Body Diet, Polyphasic Sleep cycles, and Russian Kettlebell workout to keep everything in pace. Let's see how it goes.

Til next time... xox

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