Monday, October 8, 2012

Second Year Film Update

2D Animation Test - Hadn't figured out a character design when I did this so the proportions aren't quite right. Just wanted to see how the costume would work. This is gonna be a 2D film I decided - doing everything in 3D just hurts too much.


Some Concept Stuff

Beginning Thumbs

Okay, I've set it up... what now?! Brain melt.
I know my ending: she leaves Earth for the planet Kepler 22. That's gotta happen cos that's kinda the whole point of this film - it's about me packing up and moving to the US.

I even have a final sequence in mind - she's in the rocket looking back at Earth, then turns and looks through the forward windows to a tiny dot - the new planet Kepler 22.  Not really sure how I'm gonna get to that point.

How can I bring this back to the theme of Home?

PS. There was a grandma character at one point as a way of keeping the girl tied to the house.  Eric Favela and I were working through that but in the end she got the axe... the only solution we could think of was that the grandma die at some point and the girl is free to leave. Too distracting and heavy handed.

So that's where I'm at right now. Any suggestions would be amazingly welcome!


Random extra stuff... I studied 2001 Space Odyssey. Not really sure if this will come in handy but I like some of these compositions. I used green cos I was running out of black marker.


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